Stuart McCaighy

Stuart McCaighy was the first therapeutic radiographer in the UK to achieve advanced practitioner status.

He works at the London Clinic as the clinical and technical development superintendent and part of his role involves implementing new techniques and training all grades of radiographers in their use.

“I first became interested in radiography as a teenager and always felt that radiotherapy was the best choice for me,” he says. “After qualifying in 1998, I spent the first seven years of my career working in a number of different centres, both in the UK and Australia.

“I was fortunate that some of these centres were at the forefront of radiotherapy and had implemented techniques such as image guided radiotherapy, so I gained an enormous amount of experience in advanced treatment delivery.”

The London Clinic is one of a number in the UK to have implemented stereotactic radiotherapy, a groundbreaking treatment solution which delivers high doses of radiation to the tumour, but a much lower dose to surrounding normal tissues.

Stuart was responsible for implementing the new technology and he now offers information and guidance to other centres, as well as manufacturers.

In 2005, Stuart began his postgraduate education and completed his MSc in 2011. He provides education on CPD and is currently supporting several research projects led by radiographers in the department.

“I am also the clinical liaison radiographer with City University for whom we are a placement site and I write and present lectures for undergraduate students on a variety of topics.

“I hope that I offer some inspiration and show them how challenging and rewarding a career in radiotherapy can be.”

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